Thursday, September 18, 2008

Star Signs, TKGA Conference, and So Little time

"There is so much going on that you might feel as though you have been working 23-hour days and then getting up early." 

I adopted this horoscope by Jeraldine Saunders of the syndicated column, "Star Signs," even though I read it many days after the day for which it was intended and even though it wasn't written for my astrological sign.  That's my approach to horoscopes--read them all and pick the one that feels right.

Last week I attended the Craft Yarn Council teacher training course held in Portland and taught by the knowledgeable and charming Dixie Berryman who also teaches a course for the Knitting Guild of America called Professional Finishing Techniques.  Her finishing course gets excellent reviews and has been recommended to me as a great preparation before undertaking the second level of the master knitter's program.  

A course on teaching strategies, taught the next morning by Joyce Renee Wyatt at the TKGA conference, was the perfect adjunct course to have as a followup. Joyce is very entertaining and offered a lot of valuable information about the challenges that face instructors.

Over the next four days I enjoyed some highly informative classes: on professional design with Melissa Leapman, on crochet pattern writing with Marty Miller, on cables with Janet Szabo, on wire crochet with Darla Fanton, and on cabling without a cable needle (sweet!) from Annie Modesitt.  To all of you, thanks so much!  You leave me inspired and challenged.

The next four days found me back in my cubicle at the day job, trying to get caught up.  Finally tomorrow I'm back to work on this blog, my business, and finishing those two swatches that were returned to me for Level 1 of the TGKA master knitting program.  

My head is so full it is about to burst; ten fingers are twitching to knit and swatch.  I need to go find a horoscope that talks about magically completing projects and juggling multiple tasks with finesse.  

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