Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Knitting a Way Through Grief

Three friends died this year.

The most difficult loss to accept was the passing in October of the husband of one of my good friends. He also happened to have been my boss. We worked together at different times for many companies for over twenty years. For the last eight years I worked for him at his company. He was always my go-to guy for answers to professional questions. He and his wife provided emotional support for me years ago when I went through divorce. His absence leaves a big hole in many lives.

It's amazing how grief can fill your days like water fills a sponge. You just passively soak it all in until there is room for nothing else.

That's why I haven't been writing for the past three weeks, and I took a break from my scheduled listing of items in my Etsy store. Grief barely allowed me to attend my day job and then come home and work with my hands in silence at night.

Of all the handwork I do, knitting is the technique that I find brings the most solace. There is something soothing about the regular rhythm of the needles and the repetitive motion of the hands.

So I've been knitting my way through grief.

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Aik said...

Evantually, the pain of parting will diminish, but the love remains forever --- like a timeless gift.