Friday, February 13, 2009

Finished Scarves

There's nothing like a new scarf to keep your neck warm when you have a sore throat. The first two scarves are for me and were samples for ideas for next fall.

This first scarf is a combination of some sock yarn, some strands of fingering weight wool/rayon, and some nylon eyelash yarn. Mostly what I was going for was depth of color and the working out of a ribbed self-tying pattern. It is very warm and sensual to wear. I'm going to explore the eyelash yarn some more, even though some would probably think its novelty is passé.

The next scarf was an exploration of using Socks That Rock for something other than socks because really I may have already knit as many socks as I really want to--other than the ones from the recycled Liz Claiborne sweater.

This scarf was knit with a double strand of medium weight STR in a ridged rib design. Here's another way to wear it:

Finally, there is the ruffled scarf. I had been wanting to try one of these for a while.

This one is made with Lion Brand Ruffles and also a DK weight wool/silk yarn. It is totally fun to wear and is very warm. This one might end up in the shop. Haven't decided. Depends on how long the sore throat lasts.

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