Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday at Home

This year Mr. Cha Cha and I have stayed home for the holidays instead of traveling. It's a rainy day here in Portland after a month of really dry weather.

Our living room feels like Christmas all year round. I love the deep green walls and the wonderful rug we found that was originally in a lodge on the Oregon coast. It's easy to decorate this room for the holidays by adding some pretty flowering plants. Our nearby dining room is red and it also feels so perfect for this time of year.

I have been mostly making hats lately, but it feels like time to use my spinning wheel again. See--it's beckoning over there across the room. Spinning definitely needs to be on the agenda for tomorrow.

Even one tiny spot in my totally chaotic studio has a bit of Christmas cheer:

All the best to you on this special day. May your loved ones be close in spirit even when there is distance between you, and may your most desired dreams come true in the new year! Much love, Sharon


Rebecca said...

Your living room is such a beautiful space, Sharon! Let's get together to spin spinning wheel is getting lonely. Happy New Year to you and Mr. Cha Cha!

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Hi Sharon :)

I was just popping in to say "Happy New Year!"

I am so sorry I missed the post about your Dad's passing (I have been off line for most of Dec.:(

I hope your grief is lighter and the remembering the good times stronger they will always be in your heart. I completely understand what you described having experienced it myself.

Hope you are well, thinking of you, regards, T. :)