Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Little Western Town Full of Art

We were just one day out of the gate on our road trip when we come across this iconic little Western town. It's about the cutest town you could imagine. And there was art everywhere!

Welcome to Ennis, Montana. A cool little town with a big art scene.

This carved bear was the guardian for a shop on the main drag. I thought of Yogi and BooBoo and started getting exciting that we were getting closer to Yellowstone.

Here's another bear marvelously sculpted as though frozen in movement.

This Jim Dolan installation was my favorite.

The detail was unlike anything I've seen in metal sculpture.

The workmanship of these life-sized pieces just took my breath away.
If you're ever in the region, you've got to stop by this place.

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elsie said...

completely charming! so glad you're having fun!