Monday, January 14, 2013

A New Year's Task

Inventory: You invest in it. You care for it. You look at it. Even fondle it. And once a year you have to count it all. (That's the bad part.)

This year, I am happy to report that I am finished early! Every single skein, ball, cone and hank of yarn has been organized. Fiber rovings are aligned and ready to spin. Every single whole or partial tube of beads is accounted for and organized by color.

Worksheets containing all the data have been balanced and reconciled. Go ahead: touch any raw material in my studio, and I can tell you when it was purchased, from whom, on what date, at what cost, and how much of it remains.

So now it's time move on to 2013 production. A lot of design ideas are lurking about the studio and some eager fiber and beads are waiting to be selected.

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Additionsstyle said...

Wow, good for you for being so organized! I just pulled out all my receipts and wanted to cry there were so many this year. I wish I was finished just like you :)
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