Friday, January 2, 2015

Same Fiber; Different Projects

In November and December I finally put new inventory in my shop. You see, I was frantically knitting my way through grief again. After each of my parents passed away, knitting became a solace.

This series of items are all from the same type of fiber in similar colorways. All were fun to make and cheered me.  The cowl, or infinity scarf, unwrapped:

Vineyard Celebration Cowl

It was designed to hug the neck closely, so it is practical in cold weather. Don't you get annoyed with cowls that hang down too far and do nothing to protect your neck from the cold?

Here how it looks wrapped twice around the neck. Compact, snuggly, soft, and warm.

Then, there had to be the scarf/wrap version. Same design only longer, and no weaving together of ends for me. Hooray! I could just knit and knit!

This scarf is knit in stockinette stitch (jersey). You have to continually switch sizes of knitting needles to accommodate the two different yarn weights if you do not want the thinner yarn to have large holes like in scribble lace. This is the same idea as scribble lace, but, the scarf's thicker yarns create a denser product for winter warmth.

The thinner yarn for these two projects has sequins. (Love them!) They cheered me up while knitting, and if you are knitting your way through grief, you get help wherever you can.

Because the scarf is jersey knit, the edges tend to roll towards the back. You can shake it out from the long sides and wear it as a shawl or wrap:

Finally, this twisted rib scarf was made by alternately two different colorways of the fat yarn every two rows. Same idea as Brooklyn Tweed's Noro Scarf, but a much thicker and softer yarn and cool twisted stitches. One of the colorways was the same as the one used in the Vineyard Cowl and the Vineyard Scarf.

Twisted-Rib Colorplay Scarf

It's fun. Super thick, soft, long, and skinny. I may need to knit one for myself.

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Rebecca said...

I love the sumptuous colors in these scarves! They look snuggly warm, too.