Monday, December 14, 2015

Wrapping up this Year's Etsy Life Cycle

Procurement, production, photography, product listing, promotion, packing orders--the Etsy business cycle. It's been keeping me plenty busy as the year winds down.

During my hiatus related to my parents' aging and passing, I lost a lot of momentum in regards to my shop. The time spent with Dad and Mom was so important and so full of blessings. that I have absolutely no regrets.

It's taking a lot of time and effort, but slowly and surely I am regaining my footing and online confidence again. I'm hoping that my sense of humor returns soon, too.

Over the next several posts I'll get you caught up with some of the things that have been in the works. In this post there are some wraps in holiday photos.

The shawl in the Old Shale stitch variation was finished. I decided on a different gift for the redhead, so I put the shawl in my shop. This is how it looks when worn as a scarf:

The Candlelight Shawl in Alpaca and Merino
It's so unbelievably soft and luxurious that it was tempting to keep it, but alas, not the perfect colorway for my skin tone.

Here are some product photos that were re-shot in order to have a little Christmas spirit in the shop:

Chevron Scarf in Sangria Colors - Hand-spun and Commercial Wool

Salsa Fever Shawl - Dropped Stitch Shawl or Oversized Scarf

It's been fun to make the shop a little festive for the season. These photos were fun to take.

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