Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Getting in the Gravy Boat

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. You are probably ready for a good holiday break. I sure am. It's been a harrowing year in the US with the election from hell.

The upcoming family time at Thanksgiving can bring its own stresses. Wouldn't it be great to just put on your leisure wear, get in the gravy boat, and float away?

Mid-Century Gravy Boat by Janastuff

If you can't do that, just put on your turkey hat and forget about everything except holiday parades, football, and cooking that Thanksgiving dinner:

Crochet Turkey Hat by Amyshandmades17

 Now, put up a big sign so everyone else gets in the right mood, too.

Holiday Banner by Thepaperdollshop

Then you can all eat your way into oblivion:
Holiday Tee by Nallashop

Give thanks because campaigning is over for a while, start thinking about whatever is best in your life, and count your blessings.

Have a spectacular day!

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