Saturday, June 27, 2009

Amelie Returns with a Stern Lecture

She came back!

If you've been following along during the past week, you know that I've been struggling with studio chaos and have been looking for a new game with which to trick myself into organizing. If you haven't been been around, you can read how it all started last Wednesday.

Anyway, Amelie is the facet of my personality that can create order and actually has job experience doing that very thing. I hired her (bribed her) with some roving for pay (she loves to spin!) She hasn't worked too much yet, but she has managed to create more order in a couple hours than I have accomplished in the past month.

Today, she showed up first thing in the morning and put 50 things away (for more on this game, read Thursday's post). I hadn't even had my morning coffee yet when she announced that she was finished for the day! (Tootle-loo!)

"Oh, and by the way," she said on her way out, "If you want me to keep working for you, you are going to have to do your part!"

In my morning stupor I muttered, "What's my part?"

"You are going to have to get some of this work-in-process completed! You have unfinished projects all over this studio! It looks like the Grey Gardens of Craft! I'll keep coming ONLY if you start completing two projects for every one that you start! Furthermore, those completed projects need to get photographed and listed!"

Wow! I've hired a studio nazi! (and so need it!)

To keep Amelie happy, and to get her to return, I have today completed and listed on Etsy the summer scarf that you see above. Also finished and photographed is this bracelet:

Now perhaps I can get Amelie to do some bank reconciliations.


Kate8085 said...

hahaha. Your "assistant" is no joke!

soulflower said...

Amelie rocks! I totally need an Amelie fix right now!I currently have six incomplete projects looking at me!not including the dishes!

Sharon said...

Only six? That's nothing--I stopped counting when I got to 20 projects in process!

But yes, you're right. Amelie surely rocks and she's kicking my butt right now!