Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just a Little Peek at Disorder

Okay, you can see just a little of the desk I was talking about yesterday. You'll see some photos showing mini-views. Looked at that way, the desk really doesn't look so bad. (Ha!)

These are some of the studio heads. Notice how coyly they glance downward looking all innocent while sharp objects cluster in their heads. Notice the irony of the little blue skies card with the word Organize on it. And notice the errant light bulb lying amid the paper clips.

Of course there are ways to hide tangled messes of computer cables and power cords, but that all takes time. That cube of memo paper in the back has a to-do list from February with one of eight items checked off as finished.

Yes, that is a container of dental floss threaders in the foreground, but before you get too bad an image, I use them to thread beads onto yarn.

Now we're getting to some serious mess, and I'm starting to feel a little sheepish.

I have tried all kinds of games to get myself to keep everything neater. If you are a creative type who makes things and who gets out lots of tools and supplies in the process of making things, perhaps you can relate. Before you know it, there are dozens of items laying around.

Sometimes I play a little game called "Put 50 Things Away!" The object of this game is to put 50 items away where they belong in as little time as possible. Each item returned to orderliness is worth one brownie point.

This is a game that can be played anywhere in the house. Putting away laundry or emptying the dishwasher is a great way to rack up points fast. Most days I could play this game half a dozen times and still have material left to play the game on the next day. Of course I pull out 50 things easily in the course of working on a project or two.

Inventing games to trick my ADD mind into slowing down to keep order or to keep focused is fun. The invented games don't always work, though.

Take this game:

The game material consists of a series of cards on which are words to be chosen as the focus for the day. The objective is to choose ahead seven cards for the week with a key word for each day. You could decide to relax on Sunday, research ideas for your business on Monday, plan on Tuesday, etc. When I invented this game I thought it was pure genius and that my focusing problems would be solved; however...

Remember that first photo above--the one with the studio heads? When I took that photo this morning, that card saying Organize had been there on top of the stack of cards since the very day I invented the game.

But the light bulb comes on--I have another idea . . .


grecian goldsmith said...


thanks so much for stopping by on my blog. One I read this post, it was very clear to me why you can relate to my unfocused energy. It seems to be a problem we have in common!

First of all, I want to say that I adore those coy little porcelain heads! How genius!

As for your games, I am so going to try both of them. I think the 50 items one in particular will help me a lot, because my whole working area (and, in fact, any other area to which I come near) looks like chaos in a matter of minutes. I oscillate between creative chaos making and compulsive perfection cleaning.

Anyway, great to meet you! I'll be back. :)


grecian goldsmith said...

oops... It was supposed to say "Once" not "One".

Sharon said...


Thanks for stopping by!

Yes, the "50 things" games has been my only truly successful game for avoiding the disaster of total chaos. I've used this game for years--but not quite often enough!


cabin + cub said...

i love you set of head vases! so cute!
i have one, and i put flowers in it, so it looks like she is wearing a crazy flowery hat.

VintageMommy said...

Hi Sharon,
Thanks for commenting on Vintage Mommy. I hope I'll get to the "after" photos eventually . . . the project has now grown to include reorganizing my files UGH.

I have never been diagnosed w/ADD but I've wondered about it for years . . . I'd like to try your games!

Sharon said...

I haven't been diagnosed by a professional either. After hearing an NPR special on one of my lunch hours a light bulb come on after so many years of frustration.

I found an ADD self test online and took it. When I had to answer affirmatively to 18 out of 20 questions, it seemed a pretty clear diagnosis.

ARTLIFE said...

great ideas! love the Put 50 Things Away Game!