Monday, September 14, 2009

Happiness from Happiknits

Look what arrived in the mail over the weekend:

I won this lovely cowl in a giveaway held by Happiknits. It arrived in the most splendid packaging. Such wonderful thought and attention to detail are evident in both the packaging and the product.

The cowl has trim knit out of a lovely handspun art yarn. There are so many great colors and textures here. It is glorious! Take a look at this close-up:

The office at my day job is FREEZING cold with gusty air-conditioning so I will be wearing it in the office for sure.

I made the mistake of leaving my new treasure lying on the worktable in the studio. In my absence, my model and chief confidant developed ideas of her own:

That Valerie is such a goof! (She is not getting this cowl!)


Becca said...

Enjoy it! I hope my new Bella does not get into any mischief in the studio :)

Jane said...

That's lovely!