Friday, September 25, 2009

More Northwest Houseboats

I'm off today for an exciting trip to Eastern Oregon to the Willowa Mountains this weekend. Mr. ChaCha & I will be staying for three glorious days in a lodge with no cell phone service, no Internet service, and no television in the rooms. There may be some hiking and there will definitely be knitting going on.

I'll leave you with a few more photos of Northwest Houseboats. The first photo is a moorage on the Columbia River:

The next photo is on Lake Union in Seattle:

See you next week!


Jane said...

Wow, fantastic photos! Getting away from electronic devices sounds wonderful. Enjoy.

Bri said...

That looks like the sleepless in Seattle house!

burrito said...

Awesome photos!

Here are a few from Vancouver:

Cindy said...

Ahhhh... enjoy! Sounds wonderful!

lizzzknits said...

This is one part of the country I have yet to see. I will definitely bump it up on the list.