Sunday, January 24, 2010

Grey Matters

The skies have been grey, it's been raining a bunch, and it's dark by 3 p.m. To add to it all, I've been feeling puny, and have wanted to just stay in bed to rest. It's been hard to get motivated.

Lago Grey by cimere

It's all made me feel blue and exhausted, but like this iceberg, my mood is experiencing a thaw and the feeling of doom is breaking up.

Usually if I just embrace the greyness and drink it in, some inspiration surfaces from the deep.

drinking a grey world by J. Weissmahr

Spots of color appear with grace in the greyness.

Gold and Grey_7-8-08 by jimbrickett

Hearing from friends adds to the brightness . . .

Outreach by Dark Guru

and work begins again:


Anonymous said...

I am really feeling this as well this year. It feels like winter is really dragging on and while I once was excited to see the white - I am now dying for a little color.

Here's to Spring!

Erin Wallace said...

Grey days ahead for the foreseeable future; but your scarf is amazing, and Loki the cat makes me smile; reminds me of my Stanley, who is now 16 and getting frail, in his prime.

Cindy said...

I'm sorry to hear you're feeling puny Sharon. I can totally relate! Here's to brighter days ahead... It is quite uplifting when the sun makes its brief appearance these days. That's a very cool looking knitted piece you've got going. Will it be a scarf? neckwarmer? kitty sweater?

Sharon said...

I thought the grey knitting was going to be a scarf, but as it turned out, it wanted to be a neckwarmer. I'll show a photo in my next post.

w said...

those pics are beautiful. i especially like "lago grey". it's nice that such works can inspire you to create.

me? well. i'm just too lazy to create anything. plus. my girls and their active yelling and running just exhausts me.

FormosaDesigns said...

I was I had fancy knitting skills like you.