Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Slinking back to the blog . . .

with my tail between my legs .

Yes, I had good intentions of blogging each and every day of the Olympics and showing you how much I was getting done. It worked for the first week; then I crashed and burned.

In a normal week I work 64-72 hours between my day job, my small business, this blog, and chores around the house. It's manageable because I don't have much of a life beyond all that plus getting out to three guild meetings and four dances per month, teaching an occasional class, and trying to whip myself over to the gym to justify that monthly membership fee.

Well, the overtime at work right now and the extra TV watching did me in. Major case of burn out.

So I apologize for being gone without so much a word for two weeks and hope for your understanding. Tomorrow morning I begin anew with photos of some little treasures.

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