Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Flowers for My Ladies' Bonnets

It feels like spring. Or it did until yesterday when there was a little snow on the ground in some hills around here and the temperature dipped below the unseasonably balmy path it has been on since January.

It's been in the 50's and 60's a lot this year so far. One of the warmest winters on record. Spring fever's been miserable as I look out the window from my work cubicle to a sunny scene with trees and shrubs blooming two to three weeks early. I've taken to closing the blinds so as not to see how pretty it is during my overtime hours.

On Saturday a fat round robin, looking almost big enough to wrestle with my cat, sat in the driveway and barely could lift himself out of the way so I could drive into the garage. I haven't been getting to the gym enough this past year and felt great empathy for him.

All this fair weather brings cravings for bright colorful flowers. So it was with delight that I watched a new acquaintance, Miss Gwendolyn, craft some nylon blossoms like ones my mom had in little head vases many years ago.

Above you see Myra. She's similar to the vases that Mom used to have. Myra wears a dressy little ribbon and straw flowers that have been in her chapeau for too many years. Below is Maisy, who hasn't had flowers or a bee in her bonnet in ages. They both needed something cheery to freshly adorn their hats.

Watching Gwendolyn fashion pretty little flowers from nylon and wire, I knew that her blossoms were perfect for my girls.

This is the bouquet that she fashioned for me. So pretty.

Doesn't Myra look sweet and charming in her new Spring colors?

Maisy looks the epitome of demure womanhood.

Doesn't it just make you want to go out and buy a flowery hat? Mom used to get a new one for us girls every Easter to wear to church, and she always got a pretty one for herself as well. (Mom is responsible for getting me hooked on accessories.)

Here are my darlings decorating my sewing table and looking so much more feminine than the pencil heads on my desk.

Check out Miss Gwendolyn's new Etsy shop. Her prices are more than fair and she's a sweet young lass. In addition to flowers, she has cards and lovely crocheted accessories. When you stop by, tell her I said hello.


Sarah Knight said...

looks lovely : )

Additionsstyle said...

Your weather sounds wonderful. I can't wait for spring here in the Midwest, it has been cold and miserable. Love the flowers very springy indeed.

Cindy said...

I too have a small collection of ladies head vases. I'll have to do a post about them one day. They have so much personality.