Thursday, June 24, 2010

Technicolor Interactive Ballroom of the Future

This was a dream in color that I had about an incredible dance space.

The fodder:
Reading about gesture technology
Seeing the cool HP tablets given to design contestants on Project Runway
Reading Cats that Paint
Struggling to learn to use Adobe Illustrator
15 years of social dance and addiction to every dance show on television
Holiday viewing of Avatar 3D on the curved screen of the Archlight Dome in Hollywood

The dream:
The large dance space has an interactive curved screen that wraps around 3/4 of the room. The fourth wall is painted black but has LED screens spots of various colors sort of like a collection of luminous eyeshadows mounted on the wall. Along this black wall the floor is bottom-lit plexiglass and has pool of colors at various locations. Think of this side of the room as the dance color palette.

Both professional and non-professional dancer-artists rent the room regularly. After paying in advance for the rental, they choose the colors for the dance color palette and determine the placement of the various hues on the palette wall and floor. They also choose the music to be played for their session.

The music begins and their act of dancing creates a painting on the screen as they move through various color spots of the palette. The natural dance movements, through gesture technology, apply colors and strokes to the wrapped computer canvas of the screen which becomes a painted memory of the dance. A waltz may have a totally different "painted" result than a hip-hop session. A single dancer might create a simpler visual than would a whole dance crew.

Your dance session is recorded, and you can purchase the 3D video of your dance and the development of its accompanying work of art and music when you leave. You can sell copies of your especially good dance sessions to collectors.

The hope:
That this dream comes true in my lifetime.

Illustration adapted from The Wonder of the Surreal by Jomama1152

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