Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vanishing Bacon Truffles

The other night on the way home from the office, the idea of chocolate for a reward settled into my brain. It was deserved, wasn't it? After all, Mr. Cha Cha had gone off for a week of dance workshops at Stanford while I had to stay home to work on my business. (To be fair, because of some foot pad atrophy I can't dance more than a couple hours and then need two days of foot rest, so long dance workshops are now a thing of the past.)

There he was, though, off dancing and having a terrific time. I was going to the day job, and then coming home to knit, design, take care of the house, socialize with Samba, coordinate the assistants, etc. All alone. Poor me.

Chocolate would fix that. I'd get some for me that didn't have to be shared.

Actual product by Ladybug Chocolates

How cute they are. Who ever heard of bacon truffles? Would they be as good as the bacon maple bars from VooDoo Donuts? I should take their picture for the blog because they're so cute.  Right now, while the light's still good. Then change clothes 'cause it's actually warm today. Oh, I forgot to check the mail...and bring the garbage can back from the road. There's some weeds over there that need pulling. Those wild flowers would look nice in a vase. Gosh, I need to plant the lemon cucumbers and basil starts in containers on the deck.

That was the thinking. Probably I had already had too much sugar for the day.

After dinner with some protein in it, good conversation with a friend, some music, and then some spinning, I remembered the chocolate bacon truffles but


I looked everywhere. Even got all my assistants out looking: Samba, Valerie, Amelie, Tink & Tank (those last two are new). None of us could locate the darn missing truffles.

It was a mystery where they were but no mystery why they couldn't be found. It was seriously time to organize the studio. Who knows what else besides bacon truffles have gone missing in there.

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Gigi said...

Eeep -- bacon truffles?! Sound very intriguing, and maple bacon donuts -- yumm - kind of like taking that perfect bite of pancake, bacon & maple syrup? Wish I lived in real town with shops like Voo Doo Donuts ;-(.