Monday, March 21, 2011

With Heart for Japan

Mayumi, Hiroshi, Uka, Mieko. . . their names ring in my memory and their sweetness dances in my heart, but after so long I struggle to remember their faces. During a period of time between 10-20 years ago, there were many Japanese students in my college courses. They always impressed me with their seriousness and dedication to studies, the gentleness of their spirits, and the sweet smiles they brought along to class everyday.

Some faces remain in memory, but which name goes with which countenance? My heart breaks for them, and I wonder where they are. Did they marry? Do they now have babies? Have they survived? These questions have waken me in the middle of the night and have kept me awake for hours during the past ten days. Such sorrow this world can bring.

Many Etsy sellers are offering donations to Japan Relief for some of their merchandise. I have chosen to connect you with some generous sellers who are offering 100% of proceeds on some of their items toward the Japan relief effort.  The items below all have such offers:

Honeysuckle Jade and Sterling Silver Necklace by Erika Price

Delicate Ruby & Freshwater Pearl Bracelet by AcornAlleyDesigns
Original Canvas Painting Tohoku Miyagi  Woman  6 x 6 by mikaart

Textured Silver with Copper Dome Earrings by SusanLeeStudios

Asian Fusion Embroidery Necklace by cosmiksouls

Japanese Inspired Feather Earrings by Stilltreejewellery

Red Ruffle Purse by sueperino

Mehndi Paisleys - OOAK painting 6 x 6 by dezyner

Red & White Flower Hairclips by loveforjapan

To all my many students from Japan,
love and hope for you:  愛とあなたのために願っています


Erika Price said...

Oh Sharon, I do hope your friends are all safe.... The devastation in Japan is heartbreaking, and the people desperately need our help - and will do for some time to come - and the only way I can do my bit to help is to raise funds for the relief effort, so thank you very much for this beautiful post, and for featuring my necklace

Accessorize With Cosmik Souls by Joan M Kelly said...

Blessings and hope to your friends and the people of Japan ... for their safety, survival and strength in spirit to get through this horrific tragedy. It is with all my heart and soul that I offer this Asian Fusion Red Embroidered Pendant and several Asian inspired pieces from my Etsy shop ... with 100% proceeds going to Japan relief charities. I have always had a fondness for Asian art and culture ... I hope to help give back to ensure that it's wonderful history thrive ... and it's lovely people do not go nameless ... we feel their pain and care about their future. Thank you for including my piece in your blog post. Prayers for Japan !!!<3

Susan said...

What a touching article about this terrible tragedy. Thank you so much for posting my earrings. I hope your friends have all escaped this chaos.

Unknown said...

I hope your former students and their families are safe, and that the people of Japan will be able to quickly pick themselves back up and rebuild from this tragedy. Thank you for including my necklace in your post.

MiKa Art said...

Hi Sharon, thank you so much for featuring my painting here. I was born and raised in Tohoku area. Helping people there is really really important to me.

And thank you very much for the beautiful writing - it tears me up. I'm so glad that many people are very kind and pray for Japan.

SPerino said...

Sharon, thank you for your touching story. I feel your anguish and hope your friends are safe and sound.
I am honored that my purse is included here.