Monday, April 25, 2011

Hold Your Brains In and Keep on Going

The last thing you want to do is spend more time in front of a computer when for months you've been racking up overtime hours doing exactly that.  You have regularly sat in the same spot all day, intently focused for hours on end, and often forgetting to take breaks.

The routine after you get home goes something like this:
1.  Walk in the door and after dropping your belongings wherever they may fall, stare out the window for a while until you remember your name.
2.  Place a hand on each side of your head, palms just above each ear and fingertips interlaced across the top of your head.
3.  Press and hold your skull so that your brains don't come exploding out of your head to texture the walls with all the tedium and data you've crammed in there.
4.  Get some food and relax in front of the TV.
5.  Work on a project while you watch some more television.
6.  Fall into bed only to awaken in the middle of the night. Spend a few hours trying to get back to sleep and then oversleep when it's time to get up for work.
7.  Rush to the office to park your unexercised, growing butt in its chair in front of the computer again.

Above all, when your day job is consuming all your mental resources, you do not want to be at your own computer at home. Not to add merchandise to your Etsy store, not to write for your blog, not to read the blogs of others, not even to tweet, and often, not even to read your personal email.

Night work in the TV room.

You know the old saying "You've got to make hay while the sun shines"? Figuratively that's what a struggling artist sometimes does when a chance to make good money comes along, even though the job content may have nothing to do with your heart's desire.

What this old adage doesn't tell you is that making haying in the hot sun all day is F-ing back-breaking work! Sitting at a computer all day doesn't break your back, of course. It may screw up your aura, though. (That could be the topic of whole 'nother blog post.)

I'll make good use of the money I've earned, but I sure have missed blogging during the past month. The next post will show some of the twenty scarves that were whipped up at night, another tutorial is in the works, and next week there will be an interview feature of a talented young jewelry designer. Be sure to stop back soon!


debi said...

Hilarious! Wish I would have thought of it first, at least I would have had something to post!! My sentiments exactly!!! (except for actually DOING something while in front of the tv!)

Brenda said...

I totally and completely hear you! (Already crawled into bed...)

Kitty said...

hear hear! But those scarves are to die for I hope a tutorial on how to make them is forthcoming!

Sharon said...

Yes, Debi, having to work at a job is ... tiresome, and Brenda, I know you understand.

Kitty, I have something different in mind for a tutorial. The scarf technique I've developed is a little tricky for a blog tutorial. I may think about a book down the road when I'm done having a day job, LOL.

Brauwin said...

Sharon, the scarf is beautiful and I would totally buy a book just to get my paws in that pattern! Day jobs very much interfere with all the fun things in life, I think they should be outlawed LOL