Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Time Flies While Working with Beads and Fiber

Well, actually I find that time flies even when I am not working with beads and fiber. Especially at  this time of year the days pass so quickly. My studio is filling up with hats at the moment. (There will be some more chapeau photos soon.)

Meanwhile, please enjoy some eye candy from some very talented fiber and bead artists. The palette of this collection recalls Spring, but each item could easily be worn year round:

Cavandoli Spring Pendant by JoanBabcockDesigns

Long Soutache Earrings by DILETTANTEsoutache

Crochet Organic Bracelet by Fillis Seitisleam

Wrapped Wool Necklace with Felted Balls by mellisam4715

Beaded Bracelet Set by TamaraScottDesigns

You can see some more wonderful work by bead and fiber artists in this collection I curated on Etsy.

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Rebecca said...

It's always inspiring to see what others are doing with fiber and beads!