Sunday, August 24, 2008

Learning Blogger and More

Being new to blogging and not being a technical wizard, I find every new little blog thing a big old challenge. Yesterday I added content to the blog's side bar. It's not totally I want it to be yet, but at least it's not vacant real estate over there.

Today's first project was researching how to embed a PDF file so that readers can easily get free patterns by clicking on a link. Once I get it figured out I'll be posting the free pattern for the Oregon Summer Beach Scarf Pattern. Today's second task was a hands-on project to set up my very first product photo shoot.

Meanwhile this weekend has not been all work and no play. Last evening we enjoyed a Summer Waltz Under the Stars at Laurelhurst Park in Portland This is an annual event hosted by Portland Dance Eclectic . A temporary parquet wooden floor is set up in the park and the surrounding trees and shrubs are filled with tiny twinkling white lights. It's such a thrill to dance a romantic waltz or foxtrot in the slow breeze of a warm summer night surrounded by the swirling white and pastel gowns of Northwest women enjoying a chance to get out of Birkenstocks and flannel shirts. (Just kidding!)

Of course getting ready for such an event is an opportunity to participate in one of my favorite things: vintage and resale clothes shop-hopping! During the hunt I bagged a fantastic caramel-colored satin gown from the 40's that fit perfectly and also found some great clothes for tango dancing, some stuff to where to the office, and a couple of good packable things for travel. Other than the ball gown, my favorite find was this vintage handbag. It's in fantastic shape, and I might have to fight my friend Melanie for it when she sees it.

Well, I'm off to watch the last night of the Olympics. I'll talk about the first photo shoot tomorrow.

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