Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pink Oregon Scarf Goes to the Beach

Last Friday the weather prediction for Portland was 100 degrees. There had been recently no time for leisure between the cubicle job, preparing to launch my online Etsy business, watching the Olympics, trying to learn Adobe Illustrator, trying to learn macro digital photography of products, and starting this blog. Pink Scarf and Mr. ChaCha both wanted to go to the beach. So I decided to go with them.

Our first stop was the Sea Lion Rocks at Ecola State Park. The above photo and the one of the metal sculpture were taken by me. If only my close-up photos came out that good.

It was a good twenty degrees cooler at the beach and there was a healthful ocean breeze. It was the perfect temperature for Pink Scarf and me. Mr. ChaCha captured this photo of the two of us trying to spot a sea lion. Neither Pink nor I could see a single one.

A cotton/linen/silk/poly scarf like Pink is a perfect companion for the beach--not too warm to wear, just the right amount of neck protection from the sun's rays and any wind hyperactivity, but not so precious that you would feel guilty using it to wipe the sand off your feet at the end of the day.

The next stop was Cannon Beach which we entered at the end of 5th St. We stopped here because just before the beach entrance was this great scuplture planted in the middle of the street's turnabout. It appealed to me because it looks like knitted people from a distance. Closer up you can see that it's made of welded strands of metal and that the people are Lewis & Clark with Sacagawea.

The sculpture commemmorates a visit by them to the beach to see a 105-foot beached whale. Read more about the occasion here.

After kicking around the beach, taking lots of photos, finding some long sea grass to crochet, and getting drenched to the knees by a wave, it was time to explore the town, get a bite to eat, and head back to Portland before all the weekenders arrived.

Pink loved it all so much that I've decided to officially name her "Oregon Summer Beach Scarf." I'll post a free pattern for her soon.

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