Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Knitting Marathon Begins & I Finish on Time!

Such relief I felt when the package of Jo Sharp Soho Summer in Carmen red arrived from Australia the morning after the 2006 Winter Olympics opening ceremonies. After so many hours of training spent swatching and building charts, my fingers were itching to start moving those needles!

Before casting on, a last minute search on the Internet for lace-knitting tips yielded a tip that saved my behind many times while knitting the Dianna lace ruffle sweater: when knitting lace, periodically run a yarn of a contrasting color through all the stitches on a row. Then, if you have to rip back, and you will only have to rip back to this lifeline.

Eight days after starting to knit, I was at the half way point and knew I needed to pick up speed in order to finish the pieces, block them and sew them up by the closing ceremony. The needles started coming out before breakfast, during lunch hour at the office, and until the wee hours on every remaining day until the final Sunday. The sweater took approximately 75 hours, not including the 25 hours of training, and was finished on Sunday night. The photos were taken before the closing ceremony was broadcast. Phew!

Now, I need to go practice tango, so I can wear this sweater to a milonga.

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