Friday, March 6, 2009

First Spin-Ugly Yarn

I needed an orifice hook for spinning, so that was the excuse to make this one from some wire and beads that had been lingering in my stash. It just needs a ribbon or cord attached to the end and it will be ready to hang from the spinning wheel.

Wednesday night was my first attempt at making yarn in the introduction to spinning class. Yikes! You have to keep that wheel turning with your foot (or feet, depending on the wheel) all the while drawing, pulling, stretching, pinching, smoothing, and cursing at the fiber as the wheel pulls it into the orifice either too fast or too slowly.

The first night was frustrating but I am so encouraged.

Here are some beauteous locks that we used to practice carding during the first class. Some of this material appears embedded in the stuff in the final photo. I call it stuff because it may not be quite up to the category called yarn.

Here it is--my first ball of stuff. Ugly, but spun.

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