Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spinning Day 2

Don't you think fiber is just yummy? It's hard to keep your hands off it! How about this hot pink sample of some miscellaneous fiber that my spinning teacher handed out? It wasn't begging me to spin it, but it sure wanted to be photographed. I'm thinking it'll get blended in with something else.

Now in this photograph, the red merino wool seems to be floating in midair. No, I did not have it sitting on a piece of glass. No--it is not levitating but just sitting in the lightbox on a piece of white posterboard. It looks like a hovering mother ship of roving. The next photo shows what I made of some of it. (These two photos are not to scale--of course the ball of red "stuff" is way smaller than the mass of red roving. The close-up photo below just makes it look the same size.)

There sure is an unplanned "thick n' thin' issue going on with this stuff--not sure you'd call my output "yarn" just yet.

Only my second time ever at spinning--so even the unruly red stuff did not discourage me. I headed to the stash for that jacob sheep roving I bought last fall at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival.

Finally! Something resembling yarn is happening here:

What's that old saying about every journey beginning with a single step? It's the same with a dance. Believe me, I'm dancing around for joy with this stuff--I mean yarn.


Kylie said...

The merino roving is a gorgeous shade of red! It's exciting seeing it turn from that into something you can use. I started spinning (on a spindle) just before didn't take me long to get hooked :)

Amithigirl said...

Wow, great reading and photos:):)

snippetgirl said...

Such yummy colors! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the photo of you and your kitty...purrfect.