Sunday, March 22, 2009

Slow blogging month

March was sure  a slow blogging month for me.  Accept my humble apology please.

What has been going on since I last blogged three weeks ago? 
  • I have finally gotten two patterns, that have already been test knit, sent off to a tech editor and returned with edits. The patterns are destined for kits that will be sold in my Etsy store. One pattern is for the knitted Morticia's Cuff that I showed in this blog post.  The other pattern is a scarf designed in collaboration with the knitting mermaid who was introduced last year in this post.  The patterns are in queue to be revised after the next item is completed. I'll post when the kits hit the store.
  • I have been working on last year's books in order to get my tax returns done. The biggest challenge in completing the books was reconciling last year's inventory transactions. That was accomplished yesterday so in a few more days I should be able to cart the shoebox to the CPA office for tax preparation.
  • March saw the official completion of the Knitting Guild of America, Master Knitter Program, Level I.  Hooray! Soon, in an April blog post, look for photos of the two annoying swatches that have been kicking my fanny for the last six months.
  • I finished a beginner's spinning class and created two wonderful bulky weight yarns for some hats for winter. The very next post will show you some photos.
  • Valerie has been spending inordinate amounts of time browsing wig supplier catalogs and pining away for hair. She is desperate to go out shopping to try on some hair, and I will need to take her soon.
  • A new line of bead crochet jewelry was designed.  Expect photos in April and product to hit the store right after the post.
  • I knit a lovely big cotton scarf that may or may not block out to be a summer wrap. Photos soon.
  • I started an intermediate tango class on Monday nights and for which I need to leave right now.
So please forgive me for slacking off. I promise to return to a serious blogging mode.

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