Monday, October 5, 2009

Blue Basin

There are places on earth that will leave you breathlessly standing in awe of their magnificence.

This most wonderfully happens when you do not quite know where the trail is leading

and in little stages the setting reveals itself.

Likely, you didn't mean to even to go the whole length of the path

but it seduced you along by inch and you went with reckless abandon

and you went along joyously,

feeling the electricity in the air come coursing into your body.

At the end you were surrounded by a basin of nature's magic, cast in fading light.

An amphitheater full of stillness and epiphanies embraced you.

And on the journey back, you heard some exotic symphony that had no sound.


Burning Moon said...

Gorgeous photos reminds me of a place i went hiking as a kid. Great blog!

Please follow & Comment my blog back?

Erin Wallace said...

Really lovely! Wish I was there! We have nothing like this in Ohio (although the forests aren't anything to sneeze at). Just lovely! (btw, found you through ravelry blog roll)

wiregems said...

There is nothing I love more than well-taken pictures of gorgeous natural landscape. Thanks so much for sharing!

velvetwoods said...

LOVE that place and the pics.It's so beautiful and serene.
I went with you with reckless abandon via your words and images.
Thanks for sharing.

Laura said...

Man, the yarn in the first picture looks good enough to eat.