Friday, October 9, 2009

Blue Fiber Awaits

One thing that blue canyon did was remind me that I want some things for myself made of blue or blue/green fiber.

The blue stash is growing but it all has to wait because it's busy season for items to be sold and items to be made for gifts. Probably in January or February I'll get to make things for myself.

Waiting in the stash:

  • 8 oz. of yummy merino roving to spin

  • Lovely merino/silk laceweight all in a ball and a skein of fingering weight alpaca (Would there be time to knit lace?)

  • More laceweight merino/silk (The fantasy of lace knitting continues.)

  • More laceweight merino (Whom am I kidding?)

I did recently complete something with blues, but can't show you much because it's a hat I submitted for publication. Here's a little peek:

Can't wait for the blue period to arrive. Meanwhile, it's busy season.

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