Monday, October 12, 2009

Central Oregon Pics

Surely I meant to get these photos up quicker, but organizing, photographing, and writing descriptions for new Etsy store inventory has been sucking up my time.

Better late than never, as they say--some more photos from our trip through Central Oregon on the way to the Wallowa Mountains.

A sweet little store in the town of Mitchell.

Old craft place with sale pending.

Why we did a U-turn on Highway 26

Yep, a shoe tree in the middle of nowhere.

New meaning for the Nike Air line.

More rugged cowboy country.

Not devoid of water.

Sensational energy all around.


velvetwoods said...

Oh love these pics ! What a beautiful place.I love that old craft place,just imagined what you can do with it.

Sharon said...

I know! The real estate sign on the side proclaims a sale pending, but the sign looks ancient! The story in my head was that the owner fled to a Southern climate, an offer was made on the property and then withdrawn, and the Realtor died in the meantime.

The owner, past caring because of a new life in Hollywood crafting for the stars, abandoned all interest in getting paid for the property. One could probably move in as a squatter and just take over the place.

At least that's what I imagine.