Friday, July 16, 2010

Finished! Blue & Grey Accessories

Finally, a new batch of goods is finished--my little fingers have been busy!

The two purses have been unfinished objects for a long while now. It seems like purses always languish the longest in WIP (work in progress) because they require so much hand finishing work.

The denim blue hued Shag Bag is so named because it reminded me of all those ugly carpets back in the day. The purse is not ugly, though. It is super fun and has a sturdy padded lining of blue cotton batik. It feels like you're carrying a purse pet. The beaded-bead embellishments on the strap were crocheted around the hand-made cord to finish off the place where the cord ends were joined.

The silver Press Play Purse is crocheted from a double strand of thin cotton/viscose cordé. This close-up shows the cool button that looks like a stylized play symbol.  It was a perfect find for this bag. This bag has a silver lining. (Okay, it's really dark grey.)

How about a lovely bracelet to complement your new purse?

This bracelet has beautiful steel blue beads and a spiral of sterling silver beads for an accent. The magnetic closure is a very strong super magnet that make the bracelet secure, yet easy to put on and take off.

To top everything off, add a flirty scarf:

This drapey scarf was crocheted out of multiple strands. One fat strand is rayon in a pretty silvery blue. The second two strands are pink raw silk. One is teeny and one is thicker with luscious pink slubs. A final strand, half cotton and half rayon in a darker blue, add to the visual depth of color. Here's a close up:

There is so much more in queue to be completed. I'd better get busy!


debi said...

Wow! beautiful work!

Dyche Designs said...

Wow, those look amazing. I'm sure a ton of work must go into those.

Pookie and Pierre said...

Gorgeous... you are busy! I love that scarf!

elsiee said...

your shag bag reminds me of a Puli dog that some one dyed blue! it's gorgeous I LOVE IT!!

Anonymous said...

That purse is super fantastic. I also love the pattern on the scarf but wow to that purse!