Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wrapping up some WIP

There is a lot of work-in-progress around here. It's that ADD thing. Plus, I think with my hands and have a big stash of raw materials.

Unfortunately, WIP doesn't translate into dollars until it becomes finished goods.

For the month of July Amelie & I have made a deal that an item in WIP would be completed for every new item started.

Lined up to be finished is a slew of OOAK purses in various stages of production. They get hung up at the finish line because I really hate hand sewing, and my linings are almost always hand sewn for knit and crochet bags. In addition there are other dreaded hand-work features: interfacing, padding, clasps, etc.

Later this week I'll show some finished goods ready for my Etsy shop.  The above item is a lovely cotton wrap for when the evenings start getting cooler.

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