Monday, July 19, 2010

Walk Along the Willamette

During the day I work by the river. Somedays, when it's not too hot or too rainy, we co-workers walk in the late afternoon. Today was one such day.

Our path begins at spot where you can look south to see the Sellwood bridge, and you can spy a houseboat moorage on the right bank.

Head north and very soon another houseboat community is directly across the channel. It's a lovely thing to see and a wonderful way to live. (See previous posts on Floating Homes.)

We are on a path shared by walkers, bicyclists, and Canadian geese. The geese mostly hang out in this part of the park later in the summer. They squawk a lot and leave evidence of their presence all over the concrete path. Be careful where you step!

Soon you can see the buildings of the newly developed South Waterfront area of Portland.

As the path continues North in a lazy curve along the river bank, passing trees and then open areas, this new district, with high real estate hopes, looms closer.

Along the way are several boat moorages. We always wish we knew someone with a boat nearby who would come and take us for a cruise.

There are lots of lovely wildflowers and blackberry bushes with plumb ripening berries. Are they safe to eat or are they sprayed with some bad chemicals? We don't know. Some days we are brave and try a few.

Along the river there are cool buildings in which to work.

This last place has it's own lovely veranda for employees and guests. Imagine sitting out with your brown-bag lunch and a good book at this relaxing spot. 

And there are wilder spots. Like this area in which we saw a homeless person on a sleeping bag and a nearby shopping cart of belongings in the shade today. It is a lovely place for a respite and the sweet peaceful dreams that only a river can bring.


debi said...

It is so beautiful there! My daughter just moved from Lake Oswego to Vancouver,near Camas,(?) along the Wilmette and I did some exploring when I was up in June. Great pics!

eeniemoni said...

Beautiful place. I've never been to Portland, but now I know I'll have to go one day

shellie said...

so beautiful...i wish those were my scenes around the neighborhood...i have only driven through portland a few times on my way to washington where i had they are in Arizona.