Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Culver City: The Hayden Tract Revival

Samitaur Tower is an information tower designed by world-renowned architect Eric Owen Moss. It sits along the newly developing mass-transit line that will connect downtwon L.A. to Culver City and which someday may extend all the way to Santa Monica. This open-air tower has translucent acrylic screens designed to display video, artwork, and/or advertising.

The tower serves as a sort of gateway attraction at the corner of an old industrial complex that has become an extraordinary repurpose project because of the vision of developers Frederick & Laurie Samitaur-Smith and the design genius of Eric Owen Moss. The Hayden Tract is a fascinating place for any lover of modern architecture and photography.

Here are some photos of various buildings in this exciting tract which houses an eclectic mix of businesses, many of which are design or entertainment related. The next photo is the back of the tower.

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