Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Dame Like That!

Didn't you ever secretly want to be the femme fatale like in once of those old film noir detective stories?

You can keep the fantasy alive with these great items by Etsy artists:

"I should have known when she stepped into my office that she'd be trouble. A dame like that, in killer clothes, with a fist full of cash. What was the fragrance she wore...something both exotic and familiar. She had me the minute she batted those baby blues and whispered, 'Detective, I need your help.'"


elsie said...

I would lOVE to be a femme fatale, JUST for the clothes!!

petitehermine said...

Those are great choices! By the way, your bangles are gorgeous :) Just waiting for the day I have some extra $ to buy one.

Meri said...

I love those shoes!
I was looking at the other stuff and the cosmo glass is really cool too!

Erin Wallace said...

I've always wanted to pull that Ingred Bergman in Casablanca look off, and that sultry stare and whiskey voice many of them seem to have. Oh yes, make me a femme fatale!