Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Puffy Sleeves for Sale

Perhaps after reading the last post about the underpinnings for romantic sleeves you might be getting a hankering for some big sleeves of your own. The post will help you out.

If you want something knitted or crocheted:

Made to Order Romantic Shrug by reflectionsbyds

The Puff Shrug in Olive by a CatsNest

Handknit LongSleeved Crop Sweater by BlancaLoveCraft

If you want to knit something yourself:

Pattern for Puffed Sleeve Sweater by vanessaewing

If you are thinking more of something vintage in fabric:

80s Old Gold Brocade Bolero at motherofthemob

Vintage 70s Balloon Sleeved Tunic at viralthreads

Or if you want to sew something from a vintage pattern:

1953 McCalls  9560 Teen Blouse Sewing Pattern at midvalecottage

1930s Maris Wrixon Evening Gown Pattern at patternshop

And if you don't want to wear puffy sleeves but just see some in cool art:

When You See Her, Woman with Puffed Sleeves by thefarbeyondstudio

Happy shopping, sleeve lovers!

1 comment:

Linscottage said...

This is a wonderful post on puffy sleeves - If everything else can come back in fashion, why not puffy sleeves? My daughter was telling me recently that "puffy sleeves" were coming back into fashion. Shortly after that conversation I saw in a fashion magazine a designer suit, I think it was, with (indeed!) puffs at the shoulders. And to think when I showed my daughters their grandmother's wedding dress, how they tsked-tsked over those puffy sleeves from 1941. Ha! Great range of puffy sleeves, too, by the way. Love the knits!