Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spinning When Things Are Out of Control

I've been absent for a while. Life presented some family situations which required my attention, some research, and plenty of worry. Things are at an equilibrium now, so here I am again.

Spinning is just the thing for soothing frayed nerves. If you're a dancer like me, you can just turn on some music and keep twirling like a dervish. And if you love to turn fiber into yarn, you can get out your wheel. I did both.

I don't have any personal dervish photos to share, but I do have yarn.

Pink was the perfect color to spin for relaxation and while feeling family love. Pink comes in so many pretty shades and tints. This was a tonal roving in a greyish pink--what I would call Victorian pink. The yarn is skeined in the photo and has just been lifted off the swift. It has not been given its twist-setting water bath yet.

Here is how relaxed it looks after its bath. I feel the same way after mine.

On my wheel right now is this pretty bubble gum pink roving of superwash merino:

It has a little more yellow to it and that is perfect because it spins like butter.


T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Oh I love PINK :)

I didn't know you were a spinner too, Sharon, that is awesome :)

Glad everything is back to equilibrium :)

Sharon, the Fish going thru the wall Art Sculpture is just above the SouthPark restaurant on the S. Park blocks, kind of kitty corner to the back of the Schnitz.

Food is yummy at the restaurant and the bar is fun to hang out at too :)

Have a lovely evening and thanks for your kind words, :) T.

Erin Wallace said...

Happy you are back in balance. Seems to have hit everyone this year! Your yarn is so lovely (I love pink, too) and I would imagine that spinning gives you that meditative calm that you need when everything seems to be blowing up. Happy to see you back.