Friday, September 16, 2011

The Current Darkness in Art

Have you noticed it? Been attracted to it even?

Creepy Doll: Red Queen Alice Wonderland by CreepyDolls on Etsy

On a recent stroll through our favorite Labor Day weekend art show in Portland, Mr. Cha Cha observed that a lot of the art there was creepy this year, and I said that for a few years now I have noticed the same thing happening on Etsy. There seems to be ever more and more ghoulish photographs, prints, sculptures, dolls, etc. Movies and television shows have also been trending toward vampires, ghouls, zombies and worse.

That started a discussion between us about whether this might be a sign of the times. Perhaps in troubled times or periods of uncertainty, artists create more morbidity in their work.

What do you think? Have you noticed this creative creep toward darkness? Any idea why that might happen? Do you find it edgy and attractive? Do like your dark art straight up or do you like it served with a little humor?

1950s Housewife with Grenade Killer Jello by thestapella company on Etsy

(With Halloween coming up, I'll be featuring some artists' work that you might find a little scary. I'll try to balance it with some Fall features of some more cheerful creations so we all don't get nightmares.)

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