Friday, September 9, 2011

The Wandering Head Model Returns

Valerie's back!

What a girl. She spent her summer cavorting around Europe with the circus midgets. Sounds like they had a wild time! (A whole lot of partying if the truth be told.)

The little ones joined up with a small three-ring venture in the Czech Republic so Valerie had to make her way back home alone. They were sweet enough to ship her by Federal Express with plenty of packing material so she got back quickly and safely.


After having fallen in love with Budapest, Prague, and Bucarest in Eastern Europe, Valerie is newly enamored with Bohemian fashion. She went straight for the chevron scarf when she got back--before even saying hello. In the photo she is also modeling one of my "Seedy and Twisted" caps in a yummy grape color. Course it's been hot here, so she didn't keep them on for long. (Good thing. I snagged them and put them in inventory while she wasn't looking.)


shellie said...

hahahha this made me really laugh out loud....i want to cavort around europe with midgets.valerie is a lucky head.

Sharon said...

She sure is! She gallivants for six months out of the year, and during the other six she has only a 4-hour work-week. Of course she is good company when she's around, and she always has interesting stories to tell.

Cindy said...

I love the stories of Valerie! It's almost warm hat season again isn't it? I haven't knit in quite some time, but I'm looking forward to rainy weekends if only as a good excuse to stay inside and knit and bake.

Cindy said...

my verification word: jacketer. How appropriate!