Monday, September 26, 2011

Misty Dream Collection and Some Good Reads

Will You Dream of Me? print by chanyeevon on Etsy

There is a lovely collection of items that is perfect for this time of year that I found on Etsy. It's misty and grey just like it is in the Pacific Northwest in the winter months that lie ahead.

Grey & Black Semi-circular Shawl by MadelinesWardrobe
Wouldn't you want to curl up with a good book while wrapped in this pretty shawl?

Knee High Socks in Dove Grey by Pick Candy Studio

I'd also be wearing these lovely knit stockings to keep warm and I'd be drinking a cup of deliciously spiced hot chai.

Ruffled Linen Bag by sraige

Out of my bag I would pull ones of these two books that are currently on my nightstand:

Both of these books are excellent reads that are delightfully perfect for Fall. They are a little spooky without being downright bone-chilling scary. Neither gave me nightmares and both are magical. They will take you down misty roads of your imagination.

Spooky Road Print by Maddenphotography

Check out more items from the collection curated by Gemlali.


Cindy said...

I've always judged books by their covers, and those both look intriguing to me. I'm looking forward to a day of snuggling up with a good book one day soon, or finishing up some knitting projects.

Cindy said...

You're a winner!