Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Photographic Journey.

Product photography for the nonprofessional is a challenge. Mastering the camera, the lighting, and the setting are all part of the process.

All year I've been pondering with what to do to change the look of my Etsy shop a bit. It was getting tiresome trying to always shoot against a plain white background. Since I am not a professional photographer, it was hard to control the lightening, for one thing, and it felt a little too sterile, for another.

So I decided to mix it up a bit. Yesterday I started taking some product shots in a more natural setting in one of our rooms. Here is an example:

This pink, pale yellow and cream scarf looks better against the pale salmon color of these walls than it did against pure white. Also, it's nice to have a few props in the photo.

Here's one of the previous photos that I just removed from the shop listing:

And here, to my embarrassment, is one of the first photos I took of this scarf:

What do you think. Is this progress? Got any good tips?

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