Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Wrap to Treasure

It's for me. That's what I decided after spending 40 hours on this wrap, because I became so attached to it. Here it is scarf style:

This wrap/scarf was fun to make. I was going for an organic look that was somewhat wispy but weighted and textural. It is made from a lightweight single strand of soft merino wool by Madeleine Tosh. The product line is Prairie and the hue is French Grey, which sadly is a discontinued color. In some light it looks grey, but mostly it looks taupe.

Here it is as a wrap, lightweight, but surprisingly warm:

The techniques used were knitting, crochet, hand-stitching and beading. In the close up photo you can see the beaded edging:

Now I'm working out ideas of how to making something similar that won't take as long, so I could make some that would be more affordable and easier to document if I ever get around to pattern writing.

Meanwhile, come on cool weather! I'm ready for you!

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