Monday, September 14, 2015

A Soupçon of Fashion Flare: Romantic Brooches for Autumn

Bohemian, dramatic, or romantic styling would totally be my fashion thing if I were not of a certain age. When I was merely twenty years old, you could find me always dressed as if a music festival was just about to happen, and I was going to be one of the performers.

For a lot of jobs, like my office day job, you have to dress in fairly boring clothes, and if you are over 35, a casual or Bohemian style comes off looking a little too much like "mutton dressed as lamb".

A way to get around that is to wear the boring grown-up clothes, but to add a little pinch of fashion flare with a special accessory or piece of jewelry. Today's post features some of my romantic favorites from Etsy that would be a perfect choice for autumn.

First up are two rare vintage treasures. In the first treasure, a 7pt. diamond is set in the center of a bow and a beautiful 6mm pearl drops from the bow in the center:

Bow Antique 14k Vintage Enamel bow pin wreath pearl and diamond

The second treasure is this rare Victorian diamond encrusted crescent that would be like wearing a little moonlight on your shoulder:

Rare Platinum Antique Stunning Victorian diamond encrusted crescent brooch 1800s

Now for some handmade treasures. This first bead embroidered brooch is made to order by its seller.

Bead Embroidered Jade Brooch Cabochon Brooch

This last handmade item is made by one of my all-time favorite Etsy shops, FleursBoheme:

Embroidered and beaded brooch, mixed media

Now, perhaps you are not of certain age, or you really are going to star in a rock concert.  Well then, you might want to come back and check out Wednesday's post, in which you will find some awesomely dramatic clothing.

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