Monday, February 13, 2012

Dream Closet

You know those nights when the mister snores too loud? 
Take your pillow and down comforter into the walk-in closet. 
Sweet dreams await you there.

For a better look at this collection, click on the image.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Beaded Anticipation of Spring and Fiber for Next Winter

More art batts have been ordered so I can make some art-yarn scarves for next winter like the one in the previous post. It's so much fun to spin wild artsy yarn. There will be some fun scarves in exciting color palettes for next season.

Meanwhile, while waiting for fiber, I have been knitting a very long brioche scarf for a customer and have also started the annual beaded bangle production. All of this is happening during contemplation of working on my books for last year.

The current batch of bangles have wreaths of flowers around them. Some, like this dusty peach bangle could be worn with a ball gown.

Others, like this one in various shades of blue, could be worn with your blue jeans or a summery dress.

This one could go with leathers, a goth or rocker look, or some smokin' hot tango dress. 

They will be coming soon to the shop!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Art Yarn Scarf

So much fun to make!

This is the scarf that was knit from the art yarn in the last post.

You can also wear it wrapped like a cowl by using a scarf pin to fasten it.

All of a sudden I feel a new zest for spinning!

If you are interested in purchasing some read-to-knit arty yarn or if you want the fiber to spin your own art yarn, Elizabeth Drake, the friend from my spinning guild who created the fiber batt for the scarf in this post, has just opened her Etsy shop. She will be stocking it soon with all kinds of yummy fiber. Mark her shop as a favorite and visit it often to see what she is selling.