Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ready for a New Year? You Betcha!

Wow, some years can really knock you on your butt! This was one of those for me. There have been many demands on my time with many obligations to fulfill. It's not been a year to remember with fondness.

Happily, a new year begins tomorrow, and rather than dwelling on the challenges of the past year, I want to look forward with hope to the next one and express thanks for the good things that came my way:

  • My elderly mother moved to Oregon and now lives nearby. I have gotten to spend quality time with her and with my brother and sister. 
  • Some wonderful customers found their way to my Etsy shop, purchased some lovely one-of-a-kind items, and left marvelous reviews.
  • All the extra hours I've had to work at my day job this year have provided some needed income.
  • There are still quite a number of you who stop by the blog in spite of the fact that I've written such a scarcity of posts this year.
  • Mr. Cha Cha has been my absolute rock, especially today when we found our sweet Samba had passed away.
May your new year be blessed, and never give up hope.