Monday, April 15, 2013

Fickle Weather and Color Choice

They say weather can affect one's mood. It can also affect one's color choice don't you think? In dreary weather I often dress in black or grey and on sunny days all sorts of color gets worn.

On a cold rainy day I finished this bangle with the most interesting colors that would work well for Summer and Fall. (It also is perfect for a miserably wet day in Spring when it can perk up a grey outfit with a little bit of color.)

You can see the cool colors of this bangle in this close-up photo: topaz, dusty pink, terra cotta, and bronze. The terra cotta-lined beads are no longer available and have been living in my inventory waiting for just the right other beads with which to mingle. They found the perfect partners in the other bead colors.

These colors are a departure from the Spring colors that I've been using, but the colors called to me in this damp, cold weather we've been experiencing. What happened to all that gorgeous weather we had at the end of March?

Oh well, who can complain--at least it's not a snowstorm.

What's your favorite color right now?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Seasonally Busy and Longing For May

This time of year my ideal blogging schedule just goes out the window. That's because this is the time when things at my day job get really cooking.

In the background, though, I am working on that tutorial for you of the braid that was introduced in this recent post.

On a personal level, I am dreaming of May, getting back to the Oregon Garden, and having some quality outdoor time.

What are you most looking forward to when the weather gets warmer?