Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Winter White and New Year's Fashion

“Fashion 8 ©” photo by Vincent Boiteau

The snow has all melted and I miss it not, but it has put me in the mood to look at white and festive fashion. Don't you just love the snowball bonnet above and the snowball sleeves on the sweater? How did they get the sleeves to stay so poofy and full? Is there some stuffing inside? Can you wear this sweater while driving? How do you get it underneath a warm winter coat? (Do you think it's too much for the office?)

Witness the stunning stockings! There is texture and technique galore in those hose, and they go so well with the pale pink shoes. I think I'm in love with this leg wear, although I cannot imagine them in my real world. The sweater, too, is quite beautiful. If only I could wear white without looking like an influenza victim and without being a total culinary slob and splattering it with my lunch.

This is a dress that was on display at the Strand Arcade in Sydney. Follow the photo credit link to see some photos of the other dresses that were on display as well. What strikes me in this dress is the contrast between the structural bodice and the flouncy skirt. The cluster of draping fiber flowers works really well as a bridge to connect these two styles. The change to gold and yellow in the two bottom flounces really sets the whole thing off. I'm going to a New Year's Eve dance tonight. If I were taller and richer and younger and had long bright red wavy hair, this dress would be mine!

I'd like to give special thanks to the above photographers for making their photos available through a Creative Commons license.

The next four photos were taken by Dennis when he and I were in Manhattan two years ago. If you've never been there during the holidays, it is a recommended trip. You can find some good specials at hotels during this season. The streets are filled with tourists in a bright festive mood and the store windows are incredible!

NYC Holiday Fashion Window 12-30-06

I forget which store presented these windows, but aren't they sensational! I really like the beautiful beaded bodice of this empire waist cocktail dress with a mid-century aesthetic.

NYC Holiday Fashion Window 12-30-06

The beading on this vintage-inspired crepe dress was lovely. Doesn't the setting have an air of mystery? Is this woman alone? Is she talking to someone off set? How about that monkey? What kind of personality does it have? Does it serve the drinks?

NYC Holiday Fashion Window 12-30-06

If ever there was drama in a posture, this embodies it. I had an exercise ball very similar to that, but I never looked so good on it.

NYC Holiday Fashion Window 12-30-06

This is a rather large bird, don't you think? It's truly frightening, but she looks as if she's about to kiss it. Seems like this is some alternate universe from the The Subtle Knife, which I am currently reading. Perhaps the bird is her daemon. The candlelight chandelier sets a quirky romantic scene. The jacket, which is fiber, not fur, is beautiful!

Budapest Fashion Spring 2006

This is a photo I took earlier in 2006 during a trip we took to Budapest. The shopping there is sensational, and it is in Budapest that I really saw the essence of true Bohemian fashion like nothing I had ever seen before or since. This particular boutique was filled with lots of beaded bell-bottom denims in a huge array of colors. The prices were even reasonable. I tried on a totally gorgeous pair of embroidery and bling-encrusted, gold denim pants that looked stunning on the hanger but not on my non-rock star body. Oh, well.

I hope you enjoyed the New Year's Eve fashion fantasy tour! Have a great evening and a spectacular new year. Let us all pray for a global return of confidence and hope for worldwide prosperity.

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