Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2010 Diary Project

I first heard about this great 2010 diary project on Kate8085's blog, Where Eagles Dare

The project is a diary in which pages are designed by different artists and crafters who have a web address from which they sell their goods. Like an Etsy shop, for example. 

There were two reasons that this project really excited me: 
  1. It would be free advertising.
  2. I would have a reason to use Adobe's In-Design software, which I wanted to learn to use for writing up patterns for my original designs.
This project also terrified me because what if I couldn't do it?

Years ago I took a graphic design course which used Quark Express as the desktop publishing software. Luckily a lot that I learned from that course transferred to using In-Design

It wasn't so bad! Even pulling my banner graphic from Adobe Illustrator, changing it to grayscale, and then rotating it. Even trying to figure out the precise dimensions in millimeters of the page and then converting the finished product to the precise pixel dimensions for the JPEG.  Here's a little picture of my completed page:


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Kate8085 said...

Nice!! So glad you submitted something! Can't wait to get my copy.