Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tagged Doesn't Rhyme with Ragged

I have been tagged by Gallery32 to tell 10 things about myself. It's taken me a while to respond because of Busy-as-a-Spring-Bee-ness.

After these revelations, I will tag 10 more blogs which are written by people that I would love to know more about.  So, if you get bored reading about me, you might check out the other blogs that get tagged. 

  1. Simultaneously I am somewhat shy and somewhat outgoing--sort of an exhibitionist introvert. For example, I might wear a wild hat and then sit on the sidelines at a party until someone comes over to talk to me.

  2. Violets were my favorite flower to eat as a child. Now I am partial to marigolds on salads, love lavender icing on shortbread, and think Haagen Das should make violet ice cream.

  3. I have to play games with myself to get things done and keep organized. (If you've been reading my blog, you already know this and it's okay with you, because you're back here reading some more. ;)

  4. I never had any imaginary friends as a child but have adopted some as an adult. Usually they are some projected facet of myself that needs to be manifested--like Amelie, the assistant you read about last month if you've been following the blog.

  5. I have never been highly money motivated and would much rather spend time making something pretty than sitting behind a desk handling paper.

  6. When I get dressed for work in the morning, it takes me hours unless the clothes and accessories have been chosen the night before. This is because my decision-making brain doesn't wake up before 10 a.m.

  7. I love the acting roles of Johnny Depp, the paintings of Maxfield Parrish, the fado singing of Marissa, and the contemporary dance choreography of Mia Michaels.

  8. I rarely read blogs with dark or bright backgrounds because they hurt my eyes.

  9. I once was so addicted to dancing, dance classes, and dance workshops that I had to enroll in a two-step program.

  10. I relish late afternoon naps, especially if there can be sunlight falling upon me through a west-facing window and a cat snuggling up against me.

These are the blogs I'm tagging in hopes that they can find the time to join in the fun:

A special thanks to Aunt Owwee and Ella Mullins for allowing their photographs to be shared through Creative C0mmons License 2.0.


velvetwoods said...

You are a lovely and interesting person.I like your wild hat to attract potential people that might be interested in getting to know you.I also like the fact that you have imaginary friends now. I also love Johnny Depp, he is so good in everything, acting and looking. Thank you for sharing who you are.
I would love to part of this;just give me a few days.
Thank you.

sleeping poet said...

After reading this, I am ever more glad that I found your blog! Thank you for sharing more about yourself. I will take part in this for sure. Thank you very much for tagging me. xoxo