Sunday, July 19, 2009

Nature's Knitting on the Hoh River Trail

Last weekend an out-of-town getaway took us to the Olympic Peninsula for a much-needed hike. The destination this time was the Hoh River Trail in the Olympic National Forest.

For the first 13 miles this trail gently meanders without much elevation gain through a temperate rain forest filled with moss-draped Western red cedar, Douglas fir, hemlock, and spruce. On this trail lots of slendor can be seen without too much effort.

Of course the day we went hiking, the 90+ degrees temperature sure didn't feel temperate.

After three days of no rain in the forest, the moss was not the vibrant deep green that it is in rainier weather, but still, the image of trees all dressed up in nature's sweaters is exciting.

The next post will have more photos of glorious trees in their green finery.


emma lamb said...

incredible pictures Sharon! it really does look like the trees are wearing sweaters!

btw, thank you for entering my give away, i will be announcing the winner later today... :)


Cindy said...

beautiful! I never thought of this as nature's knitting, but I will now!

Lily said...

Such beautiful pictures!

velvetwoods said...

Oh stunning pictures.It does look like they are wearing some cool knitwear.Mossy green how inspiring.
Hey Sharon you won my blog give away,please convo me.
xoxox thanks

Grace said...

Wow, amazing and very inspirational.